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Olivia Olivares

2021-2022 Carter Joseph Abrescy and Larry Kranich Library Award for Student Research Excellence Awardees Announced

Mon, May 16, 2022 2:40 PM

Author: Olivia Olivares, Instruction & Outreach Librarian / Chair, Abrescy-Kranich Library Award Committee

Published: May 16, 2022 

Since 2017, the UC Merced Library has offered an award to undergraduate students who demonstrate excellence in library research and use. This year, the Carter Joseph Abrescy and Larry Kranich Library Award for Student Research Excellence was awarded to Brandon Cooper, Class of 2022, and Madelyn Lara, Class of 2022.

Madelyn Lara is a senior from Bakersfield, CA, majoring in History. She graduated from UC Merced this spring. Ms Lara’s winning submission is titled, “Direct Action and Unionization: How the September 19th Garment Workers Union Created a Women’s Movement,” and was written as part of Prof Sabrina Smith’s course, Women and Gender in Latin America. Ms. Lara’s research focuses on the international women’s labor movement, and her essay examines the history of the women’s labor movement in Mexico City. Ms. Lara has dedicated her award to “the women of the National Garment Workers Union for the immeasurable work they did in securing better lives for women everywhere.

Brandon Cooper is a senior, majoring in Literature with a concentration in Romanticism. He graduated from UC Merced this spring. His winning submission, “The Laughter of the Madman: Sudden Enlightenment and Yeatsian Happiness,” was written for Proffessor Matthew Kaiser’s course, “Cultural History of Comedy since 1900.” Professor Kaiser also is Mr. Cooper’s advisor in the UCM English Honors program. Mr. Cooper is “eternally grateful for all the help, direction, and inspiration that he has received from UC Merced and the English Department – especially from Professor Kaiser – and looks forward to where his path leads!”

The Abrescy-Kranich Library Award was established to recognize and reward excellence in undergraduate research at UC Merced. Award applicants must show effective use of library and information resources, and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the research process and good research practices. Award recipients are selected by a committee of librarians and faculty.

The UCM Library heartily congratulates Madelyn and Brandon on their achievements. We thank them for participating in this year’s award application process, and we wish them the best in their post-UCM careers.


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