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Exhibit: Valley Life: Yosemite Summer Mural


Valley Life: Yosemite Summer Mural

Valley Life by William Poulson

Fall 2022 - present

KL380 North

The fourth and final mural of the Four Seasons of Yosemite has been installed on the Library’s 3rd floor. Titled Valley Life, this mural depicts Yosemite Valley in the summer and draws attention to its original Native American inhabitants and common activities such as pounding acorns. The perspective looks west toward El Capitan (right) and Sentinel Rock (left) and conveys the grandiosity of the valley.

Artist Bill Poulson started creating this final mural in 2020 and finished it earlier this year. It completes the Four Seasons of Yosemite, a larger project that Poulson first envisioned in 1986 when he closed down his stained glass studio in Hawaii and made his way to Yosemite National Park. Living out of the back of his truck for three months, he sketched the landscape. From these drawings, he finalized the image for each mural. For more details about the Four Seasons of Yosemite and Poulson’s work visit, “Valley Life: The Summer Mural Completes the Four Seasons of Yosemite”.

To contact William Poulson, please call Poulson Studio, 209-795-5365.