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Open Access & Scholarly Communications

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UC’s Transformative Open Access Publishing Agreements & Discounts

April 26, 2024

The University of California (UC) is committed to ensuring that UC publishing output is accessible to all. Open access (OA) 1) aligns with the university’s mission as a public institution, 2) empowers social, scientific, and economic innovation, and 3) complies with grant funder requirements.

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White Paper from LASC Now Available

December 21, 2023

The UC Merced Library White Paper (June 2023) was written in response to a charge from former Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Gregg Camfield to the UC Merced Academic Senate Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication (LASC) to articulate the Library’s contributions to UC Merced’s mission of research, teaching, and service.

UC to End Funding Support for Open Access Publishing with IEEE in 2024; Reading Access Will Continue
Author: Jerrold Shiroma

October 19, 2023

The University of California will end open access publishing support through its agreement with IEEE effective January 1, 2024. The UC libraries’ funding support for page charges will also end at that time. Reading access to IEEE publications will continue without interruption — essentially reverting to the type of agreement UC had with IEEE prior to the open access publishing pilot.

Since the pilot agreement began in July 2022, only 20 percent of UC authors publishing with IEEE have chosen to publish open access — far fewer than with UC’s other open access agreements — and of those who chose to publish open access, fewer contributed grant funds toward the open access fee than projected.

With the low number of UC authors choosing open access with IEEE, and the resulting financial costs under the structure of this particular...

Call for Proposals ZZCM Grants
ZCCM Call for Proposals - Open for Summer & Fall 2023 Courses

February 2, 2023

The UC Merced Library is currently accepting ZCCM proposals that will bring course costs to zero for courses offered in summer or fall 2023. Faculty and lecturers who wish to replace commercial materials with Open Educational Resources (OER) and/or library-licensed material are encouraged to apply for a ZCCM grant by March 27, 2023.

Announcing Three New Open Access Publishing Agreements
Author: Jerrold Shiroma

August 1, 2022

The UC Libraries are pleased to announce three new open access publishing agreements. The first supports open access publishing with the technical professional organization IEEE, which is among the largest publishers of UC research. The second is an extension of UC’s 2020 agreement with Springer Nature that adds funding support for open access publishing in the prestigious Nature journals; previously only titles in the Springer portfolio were eligible. The third agreement is with SAGE Publishing, one of the largest publishers of UC research in the social sciences and humanities. For more information about these open access agreements, as well as other agreements scholarly publishers, please visit the UC Office of Scholarly Communications Press Room.

UC Reaches Open Access Agreement with Springer Nature- A Letter to the Academic Community from University Librarian, Haipeng Li

January 20, 2021

The open access agreement with Springer Nature allows UC authors to publish their research freely across Springer Nature journals.

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UC Newsroom: "A digital library revolution takes flight " by Michelle Simone

May 15, 2020

In the recent UC Newsroom article, "A digital library revolution takes flight" written by Michelle Simone, COVID-19 has changed and expanded the way UC libraries provide access to scholarly content and resources - previously accessed behind library doors. Resources like the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service allows users access to over 13 million titles- directly to their computer screens. Read more...

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HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service: Read Copyrighted Books for the Duration of the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Order

April 10, 2020

UC Merced users have access to electronic books through the HathiTrust Digital Library's Emergency Temporary Access Services (HT ETAS).

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Publishers Offer Free Scholarly Access in Response to COVID-19

March 18, 2020

As the COVID-19 global public health crisis evolves, publishers like Gale and Project MUSE are offering free access to scholarly resources and additional content for students and educators.

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UC Merced Library and Campus Partners Promote Open Access- Open Access Week 2019

October 16, 2019

The UC Merced Library and campus partners will promote open access to research articles during several events as part of Open Access Week 2019. Deputy University Librarian Donald Barclay discusses the importance of an open access the full article and view the events schedule.