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Expanding Engagement


Library staff engage with students, faculty, and the larger community to further the research, education, and service mission of the university. The Library is an essential partner in connecting our community with library resources & expertise, offering valuable learning experiences, and providing a welcoming physical space for study and collaboration.

library exhibit

Student Learning & Belonging

The Library has an important role in welcoming our students and supporting their academic growth. Your gift will support Library-designed social and educational experiences that welcome students to the Library, encourage their awareness and use of Library resources, and equip them with strategies and skills for research success.

Exhibits & Events

The Library promotes inquiry, conversation, education, and community building through hosting exhibits and organizing public programs. Your gift will support the work of creating exhibits, launching public programs, and engaging our community in these experiences. Exhibits and events will showcase our students’ work, faculty research, distinctive collections, significant people, untold stories, and pressing topics. 

Space Enhancements

The Library is a popular place for individual and collaborative work, accommodating a range of research needs and study preferences. Your gift will support updates and enhancements to Library spaces ensuring that the Library is inviting, purposeful, innovative, and tech-ready.