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Exhibit Policy and Procedures

The Exhibits Program serves to enhance the scholarly and cultural activities of the University, promote library collections, and highlight the research and creative endeavors taking place on campus and within the community.

Proposal Process & Guidelines

The Library Exhibits Committee evaluates all exhibit proposals to determine the appropriateness of content for an academic library setting, timeliness of the exhibit, and space and security requirements. In addition to Library sponsored exhibits, the library welcomes proposals for temporary exhibits. Priority will be given to exhibits that support specific academic courses and programs.

  • Submit a proposal to the library at least 4 weeks and up to 1 year in advance. Articulate a clear and complete vision for the exhibit. Include an itemized list and photographs (or a URL to photographs) of the items to be displayed.
  • Coordinate times for installation and deinstallation of exhibit items during regular library hours.
  • Storage for items owned by the exhibitor will not be provided.
  • All accompanying text must be completed prior to installation, including title information, signage, 100-200 word statement of intent or purpose, acknowledgement of sponsor(s) and typed identification labels for display.
  • The exhibitor assumes responsibility for contents, loss or damage. At the time of install, an Art Loan Agreement must be filed with UC Merced Risk Services.


When you are ready to submit your proposal, use the following form: UC Merced Library Exhibit Proposal


Exhibit Locations

The UC Merced Library maintains a number of exhibit spaces located in the east wing of the Kolligian Library Building.

Floor 1

Elevator lobby
  • 2 locked vertical cases, 32.5”x 52”x 17”
  • 1 locked lateral case, 65”x 13”x 24”

Floor 2

KL 280
  • 2 locked vertical cases, 54”x 78”x 30”
  • Display wall, Library Office Suite, 160 feet
  • Display wall, elevator area, 10 feet


Floor 3


KL 355
  • Display wall, 44 feet
KL 380
  • 5 locked glass vertical cases, 54”x 78”x 30”
  • Display wall, elevator area, 10 feet

Floor 4

KL 455
  • 1 locked lateral case, 65”x 13”x 24”
  • 1 locked vertical case,32.5”x 52”x 17”
KL 480
  • 3 locked lateral cases, 65”x 13”x 24”
  • 2 locked vertical cases, 32.5”x 52”x 17”
  • Display wall, Digital Assets Suite, 40 feet


Exhibit Policies


The following general policies apply to all exhibits held within the library:

The use of copyrighted works (such as photos, songs, other graphics, etc.) without the creator’s permission is prohibited. If you are unsure if a work is copyrighted, or are concerned about such works in an exhibit, please contact us for more information on copyright compliance.

The library cannot provide security for the exhibit at any time. All materials on display will be featured in publicly accessible areas of the library.

The library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to exhibit materials at any time while in the library, or while in transport to or from the library.

The library does not participate in commercial sales. No prices will be displayed with items. The library will, however, make the exhibitor’s name and contact information available to the public upon request.

The library’s participation is limited to installation / deinstallation of exhibited works. The library is not responsible for drafting text to be included with exhibit, nor is the library responsible for determining scope or content of exhibited materials. Prospective exhibitors must determine the nature of their exhibit, what materials are intended to be exhibited, and how the exhibit will be presented to the public prior to proposing the exhibit to the library. The library will make a reasonable attempt to assist exhibitor with arranging items within display cases.

The library does possess a limited number of exhibit mounting materials that can be used by exhibitor. These include, but are not limited to: plastic stands (used to prop books or other materials), a wire-based hanging system (to hang framed materials along select library walls), removable adhesives (to secure items in cases), and other types of materials to assist in hanging. For framed materials that will be displayed along the library walls, the following hardware is required:

  • For wood frames: Screw eyes and d-rings are acceptable. Saw tooth, spring clips, or pop-in frames are NOT acceptable.
  • For metal frames: Hardware that screws securely in the track is required.

Exhibitors may be required to complete an Art Loan Agreement prior to start date of exhibit.


The library will attempt to promote exhibits via the library’s standard communication channels. These channels include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, UC Merced Happenings (an email announcement service), print posters and fliers, as well as digital signage displayed throughout the library building.

Exhibitor should be prepared to provide the library with an exhibit, or artist, statement that can be used for publicity. Additional materials, such as an exhibitor photo and exhibitor biography, are also encouraged.

Digital Exhibits

Proposals may also be submitted for digital art exhibits sponsored by a class or academic program. Visit Digital Exhibits page for further information.


Questions? Email or call 209-228-4444.