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Current Exhibits

Living in Hydroclimatic Extremes: A Visual Journey into Water Research at UC Merced
September 25, 2023 - May 24, 2024
Kolligian Library, KL355
In September 2021, UC Merced received its largest extramural grant to date—an impressive $10 million from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The acquisition of Secure Water Future funding underscores the imperative to make significant strides in addressing agricultural and environmental water needs, with a particular focus on the Central Valley of California. As the newest addition to the University of California system, UC Merced has swiftly risen to prominence for its water...
Valley Life: Yosemite Summer Mural
Fall 2022 - Present
KL380 North
Valley Life by William Poulson Fall 2022 - present KL380 North The fourth and final mural of the Four Seasons of Yosemite has been installed on the Library’s 3rd floor. Titled Valley Life, this mural depicts Yosemite Valley in the summer and draws attention to its original Native American inhabitants and common activities such as pounding acorns. The perspective looks west toward El Capitan (right) and Sentinel Rock (left) and conveys the grandiosity of the valley. Artist Bill Poulson started...
Cascade Creek: Yosemite Spring Mural
KL380 North
Cascade Creek by William Poulson Spring 2020 - present KL380 North William Poulson inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the Yosemite Valley, the words of John Muir, and the paintings of artist Albert Bierstadt presents this view of Cascade Creek. This mural represents a stunning location on the approach to Yosemite National Park from Groveland. As you're entering the park the creek is visible about a half mile after the first tunnel that visitors pass through. This beautiful display,...
Tissiack: Yosemite Fall Mural
Summer 2016 - present
KL380 North
Tissiack by William Poulson Summer 2016 - present KL380, North  William Poulson’s Tissiack, the Ahwahneechee American Indian tribe’s name for Half Dome, is a stunning depiction of Yosemite National Park in the fall. The mural, which stands over 8’ wide by 14’ tall, was completed in 1989 after two full years of design and construction. Poulson created the mural with over 2200 pieces of glass following a traditional method utilizing leaded glass and copper foil, with steel reinforcement. Tissiack...
The Chief: Yosemite Winter Mural
Spring 2016 - present
KL380 North
The Chief by William Poulson Spring 2016 - present KL380, North  William Poulson's stained glass murals of Yosemite are the culmination of many years of drawing, design and fine craftsmanship. Poulson, inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the Yosemite Valley, the words of John Muir, and the paintings of artist Albert Bierstadt, spent three months in 1986 camping in the Yosemite Valley and sketching from different viewpoints. The Chief, completed in 2008, is done in the traditional method of...