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Research Data Curation Toolkit

The following services and tools will help researchers with research data curation. 

UC Merced researchers can log in with your campus identities to create, save, and share data management plans (DMPs) using templates and guidance tailored to specific funder/program requirements. For your reference, the site also provides DMPs publicly shared by other researchers. Learn More.

EZID (easy-eye-dee) is a service sponsored by UC Merced Library that allows researchers to create and assign a long-term identifier (DOI or ARK) to a dataset. Persistent identifiers are useful for tracking and managing references to datasets, should the actual location (URL) of the dataset change. Learn More.

Dryad is a service that allows UC Merced researchers to deposit datasets you would like to share with the public. Datasets deposited in Dryad are assigned a persistent digital object identifier (DOI) and permanently archived in the Merritt preservation repository. They are also indexed and made discoverable alongside other datasets deposited in Dryad. All content will be made public under the terms of the CC0 license.

There is a limit of 10 GB per project if you upload using the web interface, and a limit of 300 GB per project if you upload using the Dryad API (come talk to us if you need assistance using the API). You will need to create an ORICD in order upload and manage your datasets. Learn More.

Merritt is a repository service that allows UC researchers to deposit your datasets and other digital content for long-term preservation. Content deposited in Merritt is replicated at different storage locations and monitored for preservation purposes. Access to content deposited in Merritt can be restricted, or shared with a direct link. If you have a collection you would like to archive, please contact the Library. Learn More.

If you'd like more information on research data curation and management, please schedule a consultation: