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Storage and Preservation

Storage Practices

Active data management is a key component of research data management and should be addressed in your data management plan. Active data are the data that you are currently working with for your research project(s), whether you are collecting them, analyzing them, or anything else. There are some key best practices for research data storage.

  • Keep multiple backups of all your data and project documentation
  • Local computers should only serve as temporary storage for your files
  • Cloud storage, such as Box, can be a useful tool for longer term storage


Dryad repository logo

Dryad is the default general-purpose repository for UC researchers who want to deposit data for long-term preservation. Dryad will assign a unique DOI to each dataset and link it to its assocated publication (by DOI), to the researcher (by ORCID), and to the researcher's institution (by ROR).


Merritt is a repository service that allows UC researchers to create a "dark" archive of data and other digital content for long-term preservation. Any data deposited in Merritt is replicated at different storage locations and monitored for preservation purposes. You can choose to restrict access to data stored in Merritt or to share your data via a direct link.

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) offers cloud storage for researchers at affordable, competitively-priced rates. 

If you'd like more information on research data curation and management, please schedule a consultation: